Anonymous: How is the bird?

He’s giving me a lesson entitled “how not to change other’s nature and accept creatures as they are”.
He is incapable of give me sympathy, kindness or accept the good acts I allow myself to realize, for him.
I’ve never suffered so much in a bird’s hand. Never.

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Anonymous: what is love ?

Some would say it is a chemical reaction. I believe we can’t, and shan’t, be reduced to simple animals, that attract each other in order to keep species. 
We have something “further” in life, so we must have something further in our feelings, as well.
So, love would be this simple and kind act of achieving someone’s core (or something’s core), their bottom, their hole - and, the most important, to keep the wish to stay there. Through hate, fear, or other complications (people tend to be scary in their inside).
It’s like… belonging to someone (or something) else’s secret.
Nothing but assumptions…

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Edward Weston